So, I was working out in the front room of our house…And I looked out the window to see that our neighbors were holding a garage sale! They had a pile of hat boxes…and since Cat and I have a TON of hats, I thought this would be a marvelous opportunity to score a box or two. As I was digging through the pile of found treasures, I found this antique Zenith radio!

I contacted our Propmaster General, Jay Davis, and asked if it would be easier to just buy an old radio…or build one for our purposes in the show.

“Buy it!” he cried, “It’s always better when you buy it!”

So buy it I did. The lady sold it to me for $60 (a steal)! The components are all there. Some of the tubes may need replacing…the nobs need work…the wood needs a little refinishing…but it’s a beautiful piece! So, for the show, we’re probably going to rig it to be a shell (while I fix up his innards for my later enjoyment).

-Peter Overstreet


~ by Peter Overstreet on May 5, 2008.

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