Radio is an audible medium…a canvas painted entirely with sound. So, the unsung heroes of radio were, in fact, the sound effects men (and women)!

Sound Effects Folk!

Our Propmaster General, Jay Davis (aka Prof. Flockmocker) and I were having dinner together and discussing the Anniversary Broadcast. I mentioned that I would like to be one of the sound effects folk, and he and I should start gathering resources now.

I said, “Gee…wouldn’t it be great if we had one of those old fire engine sirens for the Gover’s Mill scene?”

He hopped up from his couch and ran off to his storage shed out back. I followed, and watched as he unloaded a ton of knick-nacks and bric-a-brac to unveil a gorgeous, antique, fire engine siren. It’s a little rusty, but works like a charm! It’s one of those great, hand-cranked beauties – and was made in Rochester N.Y.!

So…that’s one item down…MORE TO COME!

~ by Peter Overstreet on May 13, 2008.

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