BEHIND THE SCENES – Getting Started (May 21, 2008)

It all began with an idea … Cat Taylor (our show’s Producer) and I were chatting about things we’ve always wanted to do. I mentioned that ever since I heard the 1938 broadcast of The War of the Worlds, I had always wanted to do a theatrical presentation / re-enactment of the show. She thought it was a lovely idea.

There was only one small problem…where would be do it?

As this show was meant to be a fund raising event to procure funds for our show at The Great Dickens Christmas Fair, Legion Fantastique, we had to keep our costs down and yet find a location that would give us more bang for our buck.

Cat suggested that I just call The Castro Theatre in San Francisco, CA – as they produce special screenings of films all the time…and stage presentations were nothing new to them. So I did.

The stage of The Castro Theatre.

Fortune favors the brave, for it wasn’t long after I had emailed The Castro Theatre that I got a reply from its management stating that they were VERY intrigued in this idea.

So I set about writing up a proposal for our potential hosts, explaining exactly what we wanted to do and how it would benefit them. They went from intrigued to excited overnight. We began negotiating…and it was suggested that we meet in person.

On a pleasant afternoon in May…Cat, my buddy Jay Davis, and I met with the management of The Castro Theatre. After a couple of hours chatting with them, we walked away with a glow of confidence – that something that began as a chancy idea was now starting to become a reality!

After our meeting, the theater’s owners allowed us the opportunity to photograph and measure the stage as well as wander about the theater to see if this was, indeed, the place for our show. We fell in love with the old theater. It has a certain charm to it, with it’s gilding and wooden floors, that cannot be matched by the “slick” multiplexes of today.

We climbed onto the stage.

We took pictures.

We measured the stage and doorways.

We began to dream big.

Now we are currently moving on to the next phase of negotiations (nothing is 100% set in stone yet…we’re 90-98% sure that this will come to pass). We are currently working on the script, a budget, and the legal aspects to the production.

Just to get this far has been exciting for us all!

-Peter Overstreet (Director, Legion Fantastique)

~ by Peter Overstreet on May 22, 2008.

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