REHEARSALS – Week One (First Read-Through)

Well, we’ve cast the show…after 2 weeks of intense auditions, we finally found the right voices and talents to fill the shoes of the increidble personalities behind the original 1938 broadcast.  We’ll be posting our cast list soon (as soon as I get further biographies)…

Anyhow, we all met for our first rehearsal on a steamy September evening in our home. 20 cast members crammed up into a small Victorian living room, with a single fan doing its best to keep us cool (but it barely worked).

We had been having some difficulty in our production…and even though we had overcome said obstacles, I had been having some doubts about how things would go for us.

These doubts would  be overcome the moment I heard our actors go through our first read-through, and I got chills…It was amazing! This cast is AMAZING! The pool of talent that we have available in this show is utterly remarkable! It was wonderful seeing people whom I had seen in various separate shows all come together under one banner…and become an “all-star” cast!

I’m looking forward to see what happens next!

~ by Peter Overstreet on September 7, 2008.

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