Rehearsals – The One…The Only…

After a long day of frantic phone calls, promotional emails, and graphic design work on our programs and hand props…I raced over from my office to pick up my wife (and the show’s producer),  Cat Taylor. We packed up all of our gear, and rushed on down the hill to The Castro Theatre for our one, and only, rehearsal on their stage.

To my extreme delight…every single one of my cast showed up for rehearsals. We were able to judge the size of the stage…check the lights and sound…and test some of our issues with placement and timing.

While we rehearsed the scene in the radio play in which Carl Phillips (played by Frank Readick…played by Michael Cawelti) is witnessing an alien “death ray” attack, our sound effects crew practiced the sound effects, and managed to give us a chilling performance. Even though it’s a bunch of coffee cans, plastic tubes and a marching band drum…the combination of effects is still pretty effective to paint a mental picture.

I had hoped to take some more photographs for promotional work…but was unable to, because we were only allowed to stay till around 8-ish.

One of my biggest concerns…no, make that “regrets”…is that we have been unable to really rehearse in the Castro before now. I understand it’s a working movie theater (and a gorgeous one at that), but it has been rather awkward giving blocking and directions to my cast without a REAL sense of the scale of the theater and how the acoustics work in there…etc. Anyway…We are all grateful to Bill Longen of the Castro Theatre for taking an evening of supervising us lunatics on his turf!

After rehearsal, a group of us went to The Sausage Factory (an Italian restaurant just down the street) where we had a chance to get to know one another in a more social atmosphere. It was really fun socializing with (and mind-boggling to be directing) people whom I have watched 9and admired) on stage when I was in my early teens!

Now comes the hard part…dress rehearsals. We don’t have many left, and the clock to “invasion” is ticking.

I’ll leave my worries to the stars…and go to bed.

More to come.

Just 8 days left!

-Peter Overstreet

~ by Peter Overstreet on October 21, 2008.

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