Rehearsals – “Juggernaut”

Tonight…we did what I call a “juggernaut rehearsal”. This is when you go, nonstop, through the entire play for the very first time. I must say…with only a couple of flubs here and there…I was very happy with what I saw on stage!

The various sound effects sequences in the show have become convincing and fun to watch. The SFX Crew is going to be a tough act to overshadow.

Our Orson Welles is finally showing signs of recovery from a nasty flu….although we were missing some more of our cast to various illnesses. But I have every faith in them, that they will be there (come what may) on the 29th.

Paul Jennings (Welles) finally made me believe his monologue near the end of the radio play. I was convinced that Welles was feeling the moment of an apocalyptic walk through a deserted New York city. I teared up once or twice…I was impressed!

There is a bit of business, also, when Davidson Taylor is ripping up the scripts and tossing them away in which our John Houseman (played by John Woodruff) just lunges at him and is held back by some of the other radio vets. The moment just made me lose it.

The winner of the “I own this f**king line” award goes to Robin Driskill tonight for her very funny recital of “I don’t make ’em…I just crank ’em.”

We were also featured in The Onion‘s print edition today. On page 21, under the A.V. Bay Area article, you can spy the following:

“One pre-Halloween event we approve of is Wednesday’s screening at the Castro of George Pal and Byron Haskin’s 1953 film The War of the Worlds, which will be preceded by a 70th-anniversary reenactment of Orson Welles’ infamous radio drama by local theater group La Legion Fantastique. Oct. 30 is the actual date in 1938 when your grandparents thought that the world was being taken over by aliens, but the Castro is all booked up that day with the Good Vibrations Amateur Erotic Film Festival.”

Just 5 days…and only 1 rehearsal left!

~ by Peter Overstreet on October 24, 2008.

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