Rehearsals – “Vast, Cool, and Unsympathetic…” Oct. 26, 2008

Cat and I pack up our things (despite the desire to just lounge on our comfy couch and watch “Doctor Who” all evening) and travelled to Vallejo, CA, where we were met by Larry “The O” Oppenheimer, and Michael Cawelti (who plays Frank Readick in the show).

Our show opens with the first paragraph of H.G.Wells’ novel (as a nod to the creator of this mythology), so we had Michael read as the squeaky-voiced Wells while Larry recorded him on his fancy-schmancy microphones and audio equipment (while the rest of us listened on and sipped very good red wine…life sucks, I tell you).

It’s weird directing someone who has been a director for a much longer period of time than you have. As a matter of fact…I’m directing 7 directors in my show…and most of them have been conspicuously respectful of “who is the boss” – while still being very helpful with their advice (for which I am very grateful).

Michael read a few times…and yet it was sounding like it was just being read like a bulletin on CNN. Cat and I then found a way to suggest new thinking on the reading, and Michael NAILED IT! I waited for him to finish…and applauded him enthusiastically when he made it through the paragraph. Thank you, Michael!

So, now I’m finishing up the programs for the show, and taking care of all the other “little details” that need to happen before we open on Wednesday.

2 more days…

~ by Peter Overstreet on October 27, 2008.

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