2008 Cast Bios – Michael Cawelti (Frank Readick / H.G. Wells)

Michael studied theater at San Diego State University, and San Francisco State University, and has been working as a professional actor since 1981. In his career, Michael has contributed to 240 professional productions as Fight Director, has taught Stage Combat at over 40 schools, has won Theater Critics Awards for his work in 7 productions, and appeared on the History Channel as “Theodore Roosevelt”. Michael is pleased to add the dual role of Frank Readick and H.G.Wells to his resume.


~ by Peter Overstreet on November 2, 2008.

2 Responses to “2008 Cast Bios – Michael Cawelti (Frank Readick / H.G. Wells)”

  1. Greetings Michael
    I see you played my grandfather Frank.
    How did it go?

  2. Hello Jodd,

    So good of you to ask! It was truly a wonderful show! It was all very transporting – from the sets and props, the beautiful deco era theater we performed in, to the actual “ribbon” microphones we used, it was as if you were experiencing the broadcast back in the day. We had a very appreciative audience of about 500, many of whom told me that they were very impressed with the show.

    I had heard from Peter that you had contacted us, and I find it so very cool to know that you have been interested in the project! I have made a career over the last 20 years of interpreting historical figures, from William Shakespeare, to Henry Morton Stanley, to Theodore Roosevelt; and now Frank Readick. I enjoyed doing research on your grandfather, and was especially lucky to be able to listen to his performance. While it is hardly for me to say, from the feedback I’ve gotten, I believe I managed a exciting performance of Carl Phillips. I have been very happy to bring some focus again to the career of such a star of the golden age of radio as your grandfather.

    So very glad you contacted us!

    Yours truly,

    Michael Cawelti

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